How To Instantly Feel Confident Using A DSLR (Plus a FREE workbook)

Most bloggers feel insecure when it comes to taking professional pictures. Using a DSLR camera as a beginner photographer can be extremely overwhelming. A simple sentence giving you the exact steps can sometimes make you feel like you have no idea what you're doing if you don't understand professional terminology. For example if I say, “Put your camera in program mode, set your aperture to F1.4 and your ISO to 100. Use the reflector as a main light source and be sure your subject has catchlights in their eyes.”
This will confuse you if you don't understand what program mode is, what aperture is, what ISO is or what a reflector is. If you don’t understanding what a main light source does and if you don't know what catchlights are you are going to be loss. Professional terminology is one of the most important keys you must master to feel confident taking pictures with your DSLR. If you want to be respected, advance your career, increase your income and stand out in the saturated market this is a necessity for you. Now you don't necessarily have to learn every single word in the “Professional Photography Dictionary”, but there are a few terms that will instantly allow you to feel more confident while you are taking pictures for your blog.


Catchlights are the white highlighting in the eye of the subject. It is a refection of the light source. In the picture above you can see the catchlights in his eyes (the white dots in his eyes).

Ambient Light

Ambient light is the overall light in the picture. If you are taking pictures outside and you are not using a flash this would be the natural light or sunlight. Ambient light does not include any light you are adding, like a flash.

“Learn how to use depth of field so you can create blurry backgrounds in your pictures and videos.”

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Depth of Field

Depth of field measures of how much a picture is in focus. Depth of field allows your picture (or videos) to have a blurry background or foreground.


A reflector is a piece of equipment used to reflect light on to your subject. In the picture below you can see the reflector (the circle object the gentleman is holding) is being used as a main light source for my model.

Prime Lens

A prime lens is a fixed lens. Meaning you cannot zoom with this lens. You must physically move closer or farther away from your subject to affect focal length.

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