How To Instantly Look Better In Pictures

There's an industry beauty secret many are not willing to talk about, the secret to instantly looking better in pictures. Models, actresses, and TV host have paid hundreds to master these skills. After almost ten years in the photography industry I use these secrets for every photoshoot, helping women to feel more comfortable and look amazing. There are a few important things you must do when you want to look great in pictures, and feel great while you're taking them. If you ever feel uncomfortable in front of the camera add these steps to your picture routine and look amazing every time.

Don't just stand there

Posing is the secret to instantly looking and feeling better while you take pictures. You can do different poses for different effects. Standing one way can make your waist look smaller or make your butt look bigger. Pull your arm (back) away from the camera when your hand is on your hip to instantly make your arms look slimmer. Anything is possible with posing when you understand your body shape and how to make the most of it in pictures. Don’t forget to breathe, it’s one of the most important things you can do to look better in pictures.


Light is your BFF

Find the light and you can't go wrong. It sounds so simple right, that's because it is. Use professional studio lights, or if you don't have those, use window light. Window light is some of the best light you can use. Simply stand in front of a window, allowing the light to hit your face. No negative Nancy's allowed here, so if you don't have a window step out on to the porch or outside. No excuses, sunlight is free99. But sunlight is also time sensitive. You need to know what times are best for shooting, how to diffuse the light, and how to position your blinds while you take pictures. You can use this soft diffused light to take the prefect selfie with your iPhone too. Once you understand light, you can make the most of it.

All angles matter

Look into the camera, smile and stand up straight. Angles matter and are so important to the overall look of your images. Put your hand on your waist and pop that hip to the side. Doing this will create angles with your body allowing you to show off your curves. Be direct and glare into the camera. Being direct allows you to instantly look appear more confident. Only wear clothes that make you feel good. (Spanks are every women’s best friend.) Wear clothing that fits your body and makes you look great at the same time. It’s so much easier to feel good in front of the camera when your pants aren’t two sizes too small.
Realize camera angle can completely change an image. If you take a picture with your camera at a higher angle you will look slimmer. If you take a picture from a low wide angle you will appear taller. You can also use a low camera angle to make your butt look bigger or your hips appear wider. Follow these steps to look amazing in every picture.

What are your secrets to feeling good in front of the camera? I'd love to know, share in the comments below.

The Portrait Photographer